Decorative Flooring

ACRI is well versed in all types of decorative flooring installations. We can provide paint chip or flake floors, decorative quartz broadcast floors, decorative troweled floors even decorative pebble floors. Whether your need is a kitchen, bathroom, showroom or any type of manufacturing or production, ACRI has access to virtually all types of aesthetic flooring systems and the skills to provide professional installations of each. We can install floors from as thin as a penetrating stain to 2” thick, interior or exterior. Our floors are in schools, food and beverage manufacturers, electronics, aerospace, animal research facilities, hospitals, bio-tech, and laboratories, to name a few.

Fast Cure Flooring

When you think you can’t have a resinous floor installed because you can’t afford the down time, we can help. ACRI has access to products and systems that not only are quick to install, but they have rapid cure times as well. We have complete resinous flooring systems that can be installed in a single day, and will be ready for full customer service as quickly as 2 hours after installation. What would have taken 3 to 4 days to install in the past can now be shut down, installed, and back in service in 24 hours.

LEED Projects

Environmentally friendly construction is definitely the wave of the future. ACRI is already on the cutting edge of supplying projects with various types of flooring that will provide LEED credits to your project. In 2009, ACRI was part of a team that built the Hassayampa Academic Village in Tempe. This project was certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as a LEED Silver Building.