Chemical Resistant Flooring/Coating

ACRI can provide coating and lining systems that utilize the latest in resin technology. We install a broad spectrum of systems that can range from a fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester that can withstand 98% constant immersion of sulfuric acid to true novalac epoxies for premium chemical resistance. These systems are suitable for chemical tank farm containment, plating line areas, mines, food production areas, water treatment plants, etc.

Heavy Duty Floor Toppings

ACRI is a premier contractor in the installation of TPM (Troweled Polymer Mortar) flooring. TPM floors are seamless epoxy floors that are harder and more durable than concrete. These heavy-duty toppings can be tailored to meet your needs with regards to traffic, texture, color, etc.

Concrete Resurfacing/Repairing

Even if your concrete has been deteriorated by chemical attack, or, severe traffic conditions, ACRI has access to products that can bring that floor back to a “better than new” state, without having to spend the time and/or money replacing your slab. Deep fill, leveling, and even creating new slopes are all capabilities of ACRI over new slabs or slabs that are in poor condition or disrepair.


ACRI provides full system installation of various types of fluid applied waterproofing for either pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Whether the application is an above grade patio or deck, or a commercial parking structure, these systems can be designed for the appropriate use.